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"Cars are the ultimate symbol of freedom, independence and individualism. " - Sarah Redshaw

Whether you’re a DIY car "tinker”, a small operator or a top professional in the automotive industry, CITY PAINT & TOOL has a range of coatings to match your passion and make your work stand out in excellence.

A combination of our broad spectrum of conventional and advanced products, and our technical expertise make CITY PAINT & TOOL the preferred partner for any spray painting project.

Thanks to our association with KANSAI PLASCON for over thirty years, we are proud to offer the entire collection of PLASCON automotive coatings.

Aggie is our automotive and industrial paint expert. He has been with City Paint and Tool since 1979 - a remarkable 35 years.

We start with MasterMix which is separated into two distinct systems: A "New Generation” Universal Colourant system designed to produce solid colours in three technologies namely: Polyurethane, Alkyd & Nitrocellulose, (to achieve these technologies a range of Universal Colourants have been developed for use with three binders), and Basecoat technology which incorporates Basecoat Colourants with Basecoat binder.

Benefits of the MasterMix System include; accurate colour recipes formulated in each technology and ease of use (simplicity), multiple formulations search methods (manufacturer details, colour group).

Next is Acryline which is the market leader in the commercial vehicle market sector. Specifically engineered to protect commercial vehicles, Acryline has demonstrated its extreme durability, long lasting gloss and good scratch resistance on vehicles which are subjected to the harshest terrains, and extreme weather conditions, often operating 24/7 from one part of the country to the other. This system comprises of a complete 2K system, which is formulated using top quality automotive resins, pigments, additives and solvents. Acryline is resistant to petrol and mild chemical spills and its ultra- smooth finish ensures low dirt collection and easy maintenance. UV absorbers protect bright colours from fading in our brilliant sunlight. With an extensive range of colour formulations, Acryline can be perfectly matched to the corporate colours of any fleet. Acryline has excellent flow and spraying capability.

On to Duxone® which is without a doubt the non-approved bodyshops brand of choice through its effective use on all cars internationally and in the local market. The quality results it delivers, lead to satisfied customers and enhanced workflow. Furthermore, the competitive pricing of Duxone® translates directly into operational efficiency and improved business outcomes. Some benefits of the product include: Spot or panel refinishing that provides quality results, Easy-to-sand primers make short work of body preparation, Fast and dust free time-saving applications, Increased productivity and rapid job completion due to its ease of application and fast drying times and Thousands of colours and several finishes to choose from. These include Topcoats and Basecoats which is a solvent borne refinishing system that provides a wide variety of applications catering to your every need. It has a comprehensive range of 2K and Basecoat toners for Solid Colours, Metallics, Pearls and Xirallics. Whatever the surface or topcoat may be, a Duxone® primer will consistently provide an excellent base to ensure a superb paint job. Duxone® primers are formulated for effortless application, as well as fast drying times, making the job at hand quicker and simpler. Once applied, Duxone® primers deliver a surface that is easy to sand, providing an excellent key for the subsequent topcoat, thereby effectively saving you in both valuable hours and manpower. Whether it’s a spot repair or a complete respray, you can count on Duxone® clearcoats to consistently deliver an excellent finish which will ensure that the repair goes undetected. To meet your every requirement and deliver the very result you are seeking, Duxone® offers you a choice between a Universal and Fast-Dry clearcoat. Rely on Duxone® clearcoats to provide an expert finish.

CITY PAINT & TOOL has a reputation for sound partnerships, and our association with the premium SPIES HECKER brand is something we are proud of.

Manufacturer Approvals shows Confidence in our brand

Automotive refinishing paints are a top priority for leading car manufacturers. To ensure that their vehicles undergo professional repair, they take a keen interest in the refinishing sector. To guarantee top results and total customer satisfaction, most of these manufacturers have an approvals system in place. This involves a regular and independent product quality and back-up service assessment of all the aspects involved in the refinishing of their vehicles. The granting of approvals is a clear indication that the manufacturers have total confidence in the brand’s products and systems. Spies Hecker is proud to have approvals from 36 of the world’s leading motor manufacturers including:

Toyota - Ford - Mazda - Nissan - Hyundai - GM - BMW - Volkswagen - DaimlerChrysler - Audi - Kia - Peugeot

Motor manufacturers also have an approvals system in place for repairers. Spies Hecker is privileged to supply vehicle finishes to the majority of these outlets, the cream of South Africa’s vehicle repair and refinish sector.

No matter what your requirements, you will be safe at work using our proven Permacron product range. Spies Hecker’s Permacron range - including Top Coat Series 257 and Base Coat Series 293/295 — is tried-and-tested MS technology and comprises a range of conventional and advanced products for safe and reliable application. Permacron Automotive Top Coat Series 257: Contains all OEM car colours , Boasts high colour accuracy, Are rapid drying and are efficient with safe application.

Permacron Base Coat Series 293/295 is a High quality base coat for 2- or 3-stage refinishing with high colour accuracy, universal application on all passenger cars and commercial vehicles and when coated with Permacron/Permasolid clear coats, a high-gloss, weather resistant top coat is produced.

Go with the flow using refinishing’s latest technology. What makes Spies Hecker’s waterborne technology so innovative is that almost all the organic solvents are replaced by water, which makes this technology compliant with even the strictest environmental and VOC guidelines.

And thanks to the high opacity of the Permahyd® Base Coat Series 280/285, refinishers enjoy significant economic advantages - less time and material is required to achieve first class results. Features of the Permahyd® Base Coat Series 280/285 are: High pigment content results in high opacity, Increased productivity, Minimised process times, No additives, binders etc, Just mix, add water and spray!, For solid, metallic and pearl effect colours, High colour accuracy, Approximately 30% material saving compared to MS system and 90% lower solvent content

Then its WELCOME TO A NEW DIMENSION IN VEHICLE REFINISHING with Permahyd ® Hi-TEC – The new Spies Hecker Waterborne Base Coat 480.

Five advantages that really count

Permahyd Hi-TEC sets new standards for ease of application, reliable results, short process times, simple blending-in and versatility. These are Five benefits that will delight all refinishers using it for the first time. The growing pressure on costs is making it more important than ever to check your business efficiency. Spies Hecker offers individually balanced product solutions and services for passenger car and commercial vehicle refinishing as well as for light industry applications. Find out more about the latest addition to our passenger car product range: Permahyd Hi-TEC 480

The fact that we have won numerous awards for superior performance and growth in the industry means that our customers feel completely secure with us in their corner.

While we are very proud of the awards we keep winning, the most exciting thing about them is what they mean for our customers. They mean that we are fulfilling our promises, offering superior quality products at reasonable prices, and backed by exceptional service.

Our most recent awards include:

  • Plascon’s Best Overall Performing Distributor 2012
  • Top Performer in Permahyd Hi Tec category for Automotive coatings 2012
  • Duxone African Distributor of the year 2009

Because we outperform all our competitors in the automotive refinishing arena, partnering with CITY PAINT & TOOL means you can do the same.