City Paint & Tool


"We shape our dwellings, and afterwards, our dwellings shape us." - Winston Churchill

Our surroundings affect our mood and performance, and colour plays a major role in how we feel. That’s why at CITY PAINT & TOOL we take colour very seriously! We are passionate about offering exactly the right blend and balance of colour for every room in your home or office.

Psychologists confirm that colour trends are influenced by the mood of society. When we feel stressed, we are drawn to gentle blues, greens and neutral colours; when we need motivation and energy, we crave more vibrant reds and oranges. This is a complex and sensitive sphere of interior design.

Fortunately PLASCON’s Colour Manager, Anne Roselt, is the country’s foremost authority on colour. Anne has her finger right on the pulse of global colour trends and forecasts. This means at CITY PAINT & TOOL, we have the latest info and the freshest colour range to keep you right at the cutting edge of design.

CITY PAINT & TOOL is one of the largest decorative stockists in the KANSAI PLASCON network. Our partnership with PLASCON ensures that we offer superior quality acrylic PVA's and exceptional enamel paints. We also stock an impressive range of medium quality decorative paint systems which cater for all surfaces, tastes and budgets.

CITY PAINT & TOOL is a proud member of the Paint Club; an association of loyal Plascon distributors who join forces to offer you, the customer, the best price, advice and experience when buying PLASCON Paint.

Our in-store colour and paint experts are experienced, fast and efficient, making the paint purchasing experience simpler and more enjoyable for you.

Let us help you to coat your world with colours that bring out the best in you, your family and your work colleagues.

CITY PAINT & TOOL are the leading supplier of PLASCON Aerolak and are unbeatable in price or range.

The PLASCON website offers a wealth of fascinating info and ideas for your décor needs, and all featured products are available at CITY PAINT & TOOL.