City Paint & Tool


When the going gets tough, the tough get …PLASCON!

When it comes to industrial coatings you may think you have to choose between tough or attractive. Not so if you’re a CITY PAINT & TOOL customer.

Whether it’s General Industrial or Heavy Duty coatings you need CITY PAINT & TOOL

PLASCON’S "Industrial” and "Protective Coatings” are designed to withstand the corrosive industrial environment, and look good doing it. PLASCON Industrial Coatings offers a wide range of products marketed and distributed to various sectors in the South African and African market. Their comprehensive range offers solutions to the general industrial, wood and road marking industry.

The Protective Coatings range is a superior quality system designed exclusively for the protective coatings industry. This coatings collection draws on PLASCON’S technical expertise and on their industry specification knowledge and will add value to your asset by protecting it over the long term. We take great pride in this range of quality products designed using the latest technology available in the coatings industry. The combination of quality innovative products and PLASCON’S 123 year heritage, together with guaranteed technical back-up, makes PLASCON the ideal business partner.

From small engineering projects, to heavy machinery, farming equipment, and high profile steelwork applications, CITY PAINT & TOOL stocks the technologically superior PLASCON solution. And the prices won’t corrode your budget, either!

You’ll also find an extensive range of wood finishes, epoxy floor coatings, etch primers, quick and air drying enamels and polyurethane acrylics on our shelves.

As one of the top performing industrial distributors in the KANSAI PLASCON network, CITY PAINT & TOOL is backed by an experienced external sales force, equipped to give the best advice and after sales service for all types of industry.